Conceptual Master Plan for the Property

The land provides a framework for transforming GGC’s consolidated properties into a dynamic, harmonious district that will serve as both a critical anchor of Greenwood’s Medical Innovation District and also a vital, connected hub within the broader Greenwood community. 

The Conceptual Master Plan identifies the existing buildings (black) and those that are proposed (red). 

Potential specialty uses are:

  • Conference Center with supporting hotel
  • Patient/family guest accommodations
  • Extended-stay accommodations for visiting faculty
  • Student housing solutions
  • Market rate housing 
  • Daycare facility
  • Sports/fitness facilities; bike and jogging path
  • Multi-tenant lab building for other institutions and/or private sector tenants
  • Shared research resources
  • Incubator space

This Master Plan encompasses three distinct areas.

I – GGC Heritage Center

This existing core facility anchors the GGC Partnership Campus and the broader proposed Medical Innovation District surrounding it. Going forward, these facilities should continue to grow as a highly coherent precinct that maintains the existing GGC scale and character.

The GGC Heritage Center anchors a broader network of roads, pedestrian paths, and open spaces that connect with adjacent sites for Clemson University and future partners who will locate on the GGC Partnership Campus.

Existing land50 AcresParking
Existing100,000 gsf210 cars
Proposed (red)90,000 gsf300 cars

The new GGC Heritage Center plan offers several phasable growth options ranging from discrete small additions to larger free-standing wings, comparable in character to GGC’s existing buildings. This plan also extends the site’s current public space network with new landscaped courtyard quadrangles in the core campus.

II- GGC Partnership South

The GGC Partnership South campus leverages existing roads and utility infrastructure for immediate development opportunities. Projects will occur along Helix Road in four parcels directly south of the GGC Heritage Center. Numerous development options arise ranging from small freestanding buildings (<20,000gsf) to larger corporate complexes  (<250,000gsf). The recent Clemson University facility and Upper Savannah Council of Governments office space are examples of possible development models.

121 acres180,000 gsf720 cars
29 acres90,000gsf360 cars
38 acres90,000 gsf360 cars
46 acres40,000 gsf160 cars

Future developments here will stress flexibility, but also tie into a coherent site circulation corridor that extends through the GGC Heritage Center into GGC Partnership North, and ultimately to Uptown Greenwood via the Carolina Connector.

II- GGC Partnership North

More speculative in nature, GGC Partnership North offers the potential for significant research-based mixed-use development. With the planned addition of the Carolina Avenue Connector, GGC Partnership North is positioned to combine research and medical facilities with residential-commercial space that foster connections to Uptown Greenwood.

14 acres30,000 gsf120 cars
24 acres40,000 gsf160 cars
33 acres40,000 gsf160 cars
44 acres40,000 gsf160 cars
54 acres40,000 gsf120 cars
64 acres60,000 gsf240 cars
76 acres60 du’s 100 cars
86 acres60 du’s 100 cars
96 acres62 du’s 100 cars

In particular, residential development may offer near-term growth opportunities. Many cities and towns in the Carolinas are embracing the multi-family and loft-style housing proposed here. Not only would such housing align with the needs of young GGC faculty, and other staff of the Medical Innovation District, but residential developers also have the ability to fund road and utility infrastructure, which does not yet exist at GGC Partnership North. Through this plan, GGC Partnership Campus would truly integrate with the Greenwood community – furthering its emergence as a Knowledge Community.

Download the GGC Partnership Campus Strategic Vision.

Download the GGC Partnership Campus Marketing Flyer