Located in Greenwood, SC

The Greenwood Genetic Center Partnership Campus is the location of choice for companies and organizations seeking a quality-of-life environment focused on promoting connections and collaborations in the fields of genetics and genomics and the life sciences.

Playing a Key Role in Life Sciences and Genetics 

The 191-acre campus provides an intentional framework creating a dynamic, harmonious environment – one that serves as both an anchor of Greenwood’s emerging Medical Innovation District, and also a vital, connected hub within the broader Greenwood community.

The campus plays a key role in growing life sciences and genetics organizations helping to attract new financial resources, recruit talent, and build partnerships. Its layout and development encourage the critical mass of interactions that increase opportunities for innovation.

Three bioscience employers are currently located on the GGC Partnership Campus, each benefitting from the resources of this unique partnership; Greenwood Genetic Center and Clemson Center for Human Genetics.

The Greenwood Genetic Center is the core of the Partnership Campus with programs and resources that guide activities across the campus. The surrounding medical and educational resources of Greenwood are also drivers for the growth of the GGC Partnership Campus.

Space for Growth

The campus offers plenty of space for growth with greenfield sites available to attract more life sciences companies to Greenwood, SC.

Learn more about the incentives and available location opportunities on the GGC Partnership Campus.