South Carolina an Industry-Friendly and Innovative Biotech Hub

South Carolina is home to more than 1,000 biotech companies, and more than 87,000 South Carolinians work in Life Sciences.

Greenwood’s GGC Partnership Campus plays a pivotal role in fueling South Carolina’s growing reputation as the “Industry-Friendly and Innovative Biotech Hub.” 

South Carolina has such exceptional assets – a dynamic group of bulk manufacturers, chemical processors, generic and proprietary pharmaceutical developers, hygiene product producers and packagers, and related research and development companies have all decided to make their home in South Carolina. As a result, the Palmetto State has cultivated a genuinely cutting-edge life sciences industry sector.


SCBIO is a statewide, not-for-profit, public/private life sciences industry association and economic development organization formed to actively promote, build, support, expand, and convene South Carolina’s life sciences industry.

SCBIO fosters a favorable business environment for start-up and existing life science companies in South Carolina by advocating for innovation-friendly policies and infrastructure that support the industry’s growth.

The life sciences industry is the fastest growing industry in SC with 42% growth since 2017 and double the employment growth when compared to the Southeastern average. The annual economic impact of life sciences in SC is $25.7B, providing wages that are 79% higher than the average wage in SC.

Fertile Ground for Innovation

South Carolina has committed to entrepreneurship and technology-based economic development successes. We foster commercialization of technologies, support the increase of capital to homegrown companies, and work to raise the profile of the state’s innovation assets — helping individuals and organizations access resources and connect.

Genetics Collaboration

The Greenwood Genetic Center and the Clemson Center for Human Genetics collaboration is the only single location with both fruit flies and zebrafish model organisms, and home to the largest zebrafish aquaculture facility in SC. 

Learn about zebrafish as a model organism for genetic diseases and tour the Hazel and Bill Allin Aquaculture Facility at the Greenwood Genetic Center.